Valruzia, my liberty's homeland was the national anthem of the Valruzian Federation from 2073-?. In 2669, the Communist Party of Valruzia successfully changed the last line of the anthem to "To the peoples banner under which we stand free."


Our land here, this land, we fight for our freedom
By Liberty's torchlight and Justice's sword.
Our grand Federation united for freedom.
Our nation stands solid as Harmony's shore.
On for, Valruzia, invincible nation,
Indivisible stands here, forever more.
We struggle for justice, stand strong our ideals,
Never shall we surrender our tenets' mores.
Never to tyranny, naught to injustice,
Our truth shall not waver in falsehood's hour.
Our time is upon us, our light stands a beacon,
For Truth and for Liberty we never shall fail.
Now come to us children, of downtrodden nations,
Our promise stands by us, come brighten our door.
Valruzia, my liberty's homeland,
To the lion rampant under which we stand free.

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