Vitalian Alliance
Leader Tristan Ardal
Founded 2160
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters 1 Zelenko Plaza Kihnterha BA652
Nation Valruzian Federation
Ideology Democratic Socialism
Political Position Left
International Affiliations Alliance of the Christian Left
Socialist International, International Greens
Colours 276927
Website [1]

The Vitalian Alliance was a political party of the Valruzian Federation. Founded in 2160, the VA went through many ups and downs in the political cycle, at times being the largest party in the Consortium. In 2285, most of the party left Valruzia for Vascania to establish the Commonwealth of the New Jerusalem.

Party LeadersEdit

  1. Zasha Zelenko (2189-2216)
  2. Patrick Lang (2216-2222)
  3. Valerie Clark (2222-2230)
  4. Doba Oriana (2235-2265)
  5. Tristan Ardal (2265-2281)
  6. Kamil Miller (2281-2285)

Election HistoryEdit

DateNumber of SeatsTotal SeatsPercentage of Consortium
July 219002010
July 21946520132.34
July 21984920124.38
July 22024720123.38
July 22066230120.60
July 22105430117.94
July 22145330117.61
July 22185330117.61
November 22207330124.25
November 22249140122.61
November 2236404019.98
November 22441910019
November 22481910019
November 22521810018
February 22542010020
February 22581910019
February 22621610016
February 226591009
July 22661810018
July 22701610016
June 227271007
June 227671007
March 22792010020
July 22812710027
July 228313450026.8
July 22855050010
September 22855310.6

International AffiliationsEdit

External LinksEdit

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