Vrijheid Partij
Freedom Party
Freedom Party of Darnussia
Kristiene Staarman
Darnussia First
Doressa, Darnussia
Youth wing
New Freedom-Fighters
Student wing
Student Freedom-Fighters
Increase 397,000
Soft Conservatism
Darnussian Nationalism
Political position
Centre to Centre-right
International affiliation
United Nationalists
International Pragmatic Parties
10 / 129
188 / 2,500
0 / 5
Darnussian Political Parties
Narikaton & Darnussia Federal Elections

The Freedom Party (Darnussian: Vrijheid Partij) is a broad-tent, centre to centre-right political party in the Federal Republic of Narikaton and Darnussia. The party advocates for devolution to and equality for the Darnussian people, with some factions supporting independence.

History Edit

The Darnussian Freedom Party was formed in 4239 by radical Darnussian nationalists Elsanne van Rhee and Jan-Willem Zweers, the latter becoming the party's first leader. The party made several statements about Nariks early on in their existence which were considered racist.

The party was decidedly anti-TE and wanted to take strong measures against the TE, Thallerism and Narikatoni nationalism. Zweers was noted as saying Nariks are 'naturally authoritarian'. The party did poorly in the 4239 election, and van Rhee became leader afterwards.

van Rhee was also considered an extremist, having called Nariks 'dis-compassionate'. She did, however, grow better relations with other parties against the TE. In the next election, the party did fairly well, standing against a monarchy referendum, but no government could be formed.

After another moderate amount of success in 4241, the party re-branded as the Freedom Party. Kristiene Staarman took over the party, and entered government. The party gained in the local elections and proposed numerous bills on issues like GM, masterminded by their Agriculture and Food Minister - Carolien Nijkamp.

Electoral History Edit

Legislature of the Reich/Republic

Election Popular Vote Seats Outcome
Votes  % # Parliament +/–
4239 1,179,620 1.82% #8
8 / 500
Increase 8 In Opposition
4240 4,103,899 6.42% #9
31 / 500
Increase 23 In Opposition
4241 4,718,339 7.40% #8
10 / 129
Increase 2* In Government

1 * Change From Notional Result

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