WeilaiscreenHalf-screen of the Luthorian WEILAI Homepage (6 June 4418)
Type of site Search engine
Available in 20 Languages
Owner WEILAI Corp. (90%)

TIQI Tech (10%)

Revenue WEILAI AdSmart
Commercial Yes
Launched 13 June 4290
Current Status Online
WEILAI (Indralan: 未來) is an Indralan online platform operated by  WEILAI Corp. It debuted in 4290 as the first web portal in Indrala to develop and use its own search engine. WEILAI has since added a multitude of new services ranging from basic features such as e-mail and news to an online market place, blogging application, and crowdfunding platform, among others.

As of June 4418, the search engine handled 88.7% of all web searches in Indrala, making it the largest search engine in the country.