The White Zumans, or White Volonians, are an ethnic group in northeastern Arglon, in the Valruzian Federation.

The White Volon sought the protection of the Zumans in around 670 C.E. against the agressive Great Aranhdyat under the Gold Volon. They were given permission to enter and settle some loosely populated territory as vassals and allies of Nuzria, and they established the White Volon Arandyat east of their former homeland. In doing so they became the second of two Zuman sects to take a different historical course than they others (the other being the Grey Volon).

They swiftly assimilated to many Zuman customs, and adopted Zuman for official use. They continued to use Valonian in daily use for generations, although by the time of Bandorran independence they had adopted Zuman for all purposes, and renamed their country Tirkazidor (Large Desert).

Arglon conquered the country in 1423, and recieved it officially shortly thereafter as part of the Vurlunian (Bandorran) independence agreement.

Today the White Zumans have mostly assimilated to Ruzian (linguistically close to Valonian) and are the most prosperous group of "Zumans" within Valruzia.

Valonian pan-nationalists claim the White Zuman territory on the basis of their Valonian descent. Ruzians in Arglon claim that the White Zumans are ethnically Valruzian and since they speak Ruzian should be considered Ruzian. Many Zumans claim that the White Zumans regardless of ethnic background are still Zumans.

The White Zumans themselves differ on this issue, but must consider themselves Valruzians firstly, and People of the White Banner secondly, and have no issue with being part of Arglon (though they objected strenously at the time of their annexation.

White Zuman culture is distinct from Zuman, Ruzian, Bandorran, and Dugatine culture, and many people claim that it is probably closest to the original Valonian traditions. Unlike the six remaining sects of Volon the Whites enjoyed considerably autonomy from the Zumans, and the Gray Volon were heavily influenced by their neighbors, the Kaenirelona, so there may be some merit to this argument.

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