Valusian Voivodeship
Województwo Waluzyjskie

Valusian VS Flag Valusian VS CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Valusian Voivodeship Green

(and largest city)
Legislature Sejmik Województwa
Marszałek TBA
Wojewoda TBA
Area 357,600 km² 
Population 19,887,141 
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +13

Wielkowalruzja, or Greater Valruzia, is a province in Valruzia. It is bordered by Kampania to the north, Połysk to the northeast, Małowalruzja to the east, Chulbark to the south and the South Ocean to the west. Its capital is Relonanki, the former capital of Valruzia. It is also home to the nation's capital, Białograd.

Wielkowalruzja was formerly known as Arglon, during the time of the Valruzian Kingdom, until its change in 2037.

One of its most famous past residents is playwright Almad Yalzhengo. Although not born there, he lived most of his life in Relonanki, the largest city in Wielkowalruzja, as well as all of Valruzia.

Cities Edit

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