Wolfgang Hayek is the current President of Cildania. Born in 2223, he has served as President from 2272 to 2281, 2284 to 2287, 2296 to 2305 and 2311 to 2317 except for a period of 8 months (April 2314-December 2314) when Adrian Bertoni was President. He first ran for President in 2254, finishing in fourth place.

President Hayek has been the Head of State for a combined total of twenty-seven years, longer than any other person in Cildanian history. During his many terms in office he has overseen many reforms in the Senate including Cildanian neutrality and the increased liberalization of the Cildanian economy.

FlagofCildania2 Most Serene Republic of Cildania
Qart Qildar (capital)
History Qedarite MigrationsQedarite EmpireJelbo-Tukaric invasionsCildanian Civil War (disambiguation)Cildanian War of UnificationDivine Kingdom of CildaniaApostolic Department of CildaniaRepublic of CildaniaDepartmental Cildanian RepublicApostolic Army in MajatraCildanian Civil War (3870-3874)Cildanian Civil War (3875-3880)Terrorism in CildaniaCross of Cildania
Geography Provinces: AkildarAkinawaGilzonHebilonYlrith
Capital City:
Qart Qildar
Other Cities: KeretQart YamMar IskendraQart RameshSancta AleksandraĦasrija
Demographics Religion: YeudismHosianism: (Apostolic Church of the Isles, Aurorian Patriarchal Church) • Ahmadism
Ethnicity:Cildanians: (Qildaris, Hebileans, Cildanian Majatrans, Seluco-Cildanians, Cildanian Yeudis) • Majatran AsliMajatransSeluciansAugustansTurjaksKalopians
Economics The Morning SunriseOffshore Industry Limited Company
Political Parties Inactive: Cildanian Communist PartyQildar HaMithadeshetDorkim QildarimCildanian Libertarian PartyNew ActionCildanian Republican AllianceCildanian Phalangist PartyCildanian Communist PartyDorkim QildarimHamashPeople's Justice PartyLiberal-Progressives (Cildania)Liberal-Progressives (Cildania)Christian NationalistsGime-Ṡiddiq Ṡurby
Active: Cildanian Democratic Conservative PartyLiberal Loyalist Party
Notable People Gildas Kilian IJugurtha IISt. SascariaThomas V of CildaniaDeborah I of CildaniaThomas SlateGustav Oxenfeldt GustavussonSt. SebastianGabrielle KhanMsgr Alexander T HawkeSir Eamon LearWolfgang HayekMary SmithArielMarquis da Velieres
Royal Houses & Families House of KilianHouse of Thomas

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