Xinyi Women's University is a private university in Xinyi, near Tian'an, Indrala. The university, while not a member of the KITE universities, is regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Xinyi Women's University descends from the Xinyi Eunuch Academy, where female nobles were sent to be educated in manners and etiquette during the Talmu period. In the post-monarch era, the institute became the Xinyi Women's University and was the only place women were allowed to study until all universities were desegregated on gender lines. Nonetheless, XWU has managed to become a pillar of Indrala’s academic community and is the first choice of the well-connected daughters of Tian’an. The school does not have a faculty of medicine but offers dentistry and pharmacology programs.

Notable academics and alumni Edit

  • Song Yi (4221–4275), Founder of the Greens (later Republicans)
  • Lü Jiyu, Socialite, businesswoman and noblewoman