YM Entertainment
Type Private
Founded 4304
Founder Huang Yao (entertainer) and Maggie Song
Headquarters Kaizhou Indrala
Industry record label, talent agency, music production, event management, concert production, music publishing
Owner Huang Yao's descendants (50.1%),

Maggie Song's descendants (29.9%),
TQ C&E (15.4%),
Assorted investors (4.6%)

YM Entertainment is a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publishing house operating in Kaizhou, Indrala. The company was founded by YingPop stars Huang Yao and Maggie Song.

International operations Edit

YM Entertainment North Edit


YM Entertainment North logo

YM Entertainment North was established in 4459 in Gongmangdo, Dankuk. The company is publicly traded on the Dankuk Exchange, with YM Entertainment owning a 52% stake in the subsidiary. YM Entertainment North operates in Dankuk, Kazulia, Hulstria/Gao-Soto, Sekowo and Lourenne.