Armed celts
Rendition of Krentori Yæti warriors, c.400B.C.
Total population 500,000
Regions with significant populations Aloria: 500,000
Language Draddeg, Luthorian, Kurmali
Religion Bogism 85%

Other 15%

Related ethnic groups Dundorfian


Yæti, also spelled Yaeti, are a group of native Alorians who, prior to Selucian pilgrimage to Aloria, lived throughout Aloria, but were slaughtered or pushed into Kurmal by settlers. The only surviving Yæti language left is Kurmali, a greatly Luthorian and Dundorfian influenced version of the dialects spoken by the Kurmal Yæti. They at one time made up around 5% of Aloria's population and were generally followers of Bogism, but now constitute only 500,000 people. Most Yæti are blond or red-haired with pale to ruddy skin, and are slightly taller than average.


main page: Yaeti language

Today, most Yæti speak Draddeg, the majority language of Aloria, as their primary language, as well as Luthorian and Dundorfian. However, many Yæti are still fluent in their native language, which is kept alive as the primary liturgical language of the Bogist religion.

The Yæti language, also known as Kurmali, is a Dundorfian language most closely related to Dundorfian and Luthorian. Old Kurmali branched off from Proto-Dundorfian as the Yæti peoples formed their own tribal confederations in the Kurmal Mountains, Gavonshire plains, and the river valleys of Cymertaeth.

(OOC: The Yaeti language is a constructed language made by JessAveryJA)


Kurmal YætiEdit

The only extant group of Yæti are of the Kurmal culture group, who primarily live in the Alorian state of Caermoel. These people historically had a clan based culture and are almost exclusively Bogist in their religious affiliation. They are now simply known as the Yæti, due to their status as the only existing Yæti subgroup left. The Krentori Yæti are a now extinct group of Yæti which have been entirely assimilated by the Kurmal Yæti. The Krentori lived in most of modern Aloria, with their most important settlements being in what is now the province of Cymertaeth, until around 320 B.C. when they were enslaved or absorbed by the technologically superior Yeudist Majatrans. After Selucian invasion around 800 B.C. the Holy Alorian Empire was set up, and the Krentori were driven into the Kurmal mountains where they adopted most of the Kurmal Yæti way of life. As of now, the Krentori Yæti have been entirely absorbed by the Kurmal Yæti.


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