Zerantalia is the modern capital of the state of Bandorra in Valruzia.

Zerantalia was founded by the Zumans in 845 as the Desert Fortress, Zidorkryu. It appears that the area around the city was indeed desert at the time, as the region was going through a severe drought.

Zidorkryu served as the administrative center for the district of Zidqan, where Zumans were encouraged to settle with land grants in order to pacify the conquered Volon. The fort was intended to be self-sufficient in times of unrest and unassailable.

In 1414 the Vurlun, as they were now known, rebelled. The rebellion was almost crushed after two years, but was never quashed and the fighting continued for nine years. In 1423 a combined force of Arglonese, Dugatines, the forces of the rebel leader Bandor, and Vurlunian irregulars attached to no one assaulted and captured the massive fortress, partially throgh the weight of sheer numbers and partly due to the demoralization of the fortress's guardians. The capture of the fort led to a peace treaty assuring Vurlunian independence.

In 1911 Civil War broke out in Zuma. By 1913 the Valruzians had invaded Zuma, and overran the country within a year, though guerilla warfare and partisan attacks continued for over a decade, and continued to flare up periodically for much of subsequent Valruzian history.

With the capture of Zidorkryu, the Bandorrans in a rage killed off every defender of the fort, every adult or adolescent male, and a good number of women and children as well. All in all an estimated quarter million Zumans were killed, primarily in the provinces of Zidqan and Mowqan, and many times that number were expelled from Zidqan, Mowqan, and Svuilia.

After the Valruzian capture of the fort, Bandorra rebuilt the city and renamed it Zerantalia.

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